Seven ways Alpharmaxim can help you develop
and execute a strong narrative

Alpharmaxim offers a comprehensive range of healthcare communications services, from defining clients’ unique narrative and devising plans to execute it, through to delivering individual tactical elements to bring plans to life in a transparent and compliant manner.

Example support areas

•  Brand plans  •  Portfolio positioning  •  Product differentiation  •  Message development  •  Competitor planning  •  Market access  •  Tactical activity plans

1. Consultancy and messaging

Using our in-house Belief Continuum process, we help clients define and develop compelling narratives and messaging for their brands and franchises – ones that take account of their unique landscape and of existing thoughts and beliefs. We also devise plans to tell these stories in ways that will engage audiences, generate a change in beliefs and differentiate our clients from their competitors.

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Example support areas

•  Congress and booth support  •  Competitive intelligence reporting
•  Symposia  • Standalones & round-table meetings  •  Advisory boards
•  Investigator meetings  •  Consensus meetings  •  Launch meetings
•  Internal workshops

2. Meeting support

We provide a wide range of meeting support activities, from medical symposia – devising themes that attract and inspire target audiences, and creating engaging and memorable content to communicate key messages – through to internal workshops that inform clients’ communication plans. All meetings are managed seamlessly to guarantee great feedback.

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Example support areas

•  Publication planning  •  Journal publications

•  Congress abstracts  •  Oral presentations and posters
•  Medical materials, e.g. monographs, slide kits, patient case studies

•  Clinical and training resources, e.g. e-learning

3. Scientific communications

We develop targeted, timely and scientifically robust materials – including publications, congress materials, and medical, clinical and training resources – that help our clients communicate their brand or franchise narrative.

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Example support areas

•  HCP support materials  •  Brochures  •  Mailings  •  Leave-pieces
•  Patient information and disease awareness leaflets  •  Web-based interactive
and digital solutions  •  E-detail aids  •  Websites

4. Medical Science Liaison and brand support

We create scientifically robust yet engaging MSL and sales materials to help our clients
communicate their brand or franchise narrative using a range of traditional and
innovative print and digital solutions.

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5. Investor communications

We create literature and media that communicate our clients’ narrative, bringing science to life and building investor belief. In particular we enable the science and detail of a product or asset to be communicated in a way that enables investors to appreciate the value.

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Example support areas

•  Investor brochures  •  Backgrounders and support
•  Investor briefing documents  •  Social media

Example support areas

Brand/franchise materials

•  Training materials  •  Competitor guides  •  Objection handlers  •  Clinical summaries
Value dossiers  •  Sales guides  •  Newsletters  •  Affiliate feedback surveys

Internal/company communications

•  Comms planning  •  Intranet support  •  Event comms/materials
•  Display/company materials  •  Engagement activities  •  Newsletters

6. Corporate and internal communications

We create a wide range of internal communication materials, from training materials, guides and newsletters that maximise the successful communication of brand and franchise narratives, to Global and affiliate communications that motivate, inspire and inform teams and organisations.

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Example support areas

•  Typesetting, layout and print  •  Illustration and figure drawing

•  3D and packshot visuals  •  Posters and large-format media

7. Direct graphic design

We offer a direct graphic design service, focused exclusively on optimal design and layout for the tightly regulated healthcare sector. Working directly with clients, our designers transform written materials into professional, branded outputs that meet the high standards demanded by the sector – in areas such as Corporate Affairs, Conference Services, IT and HR, as well as Medical and Marketing.

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