Rebuilding beliefs, redefining behaviours: a necessary shift for medical marketing.

At the World Orphan Drug Congress 2021 (November 2021), we presented a poster to international healthcare professionals and patient advocates, driving conversations about the urgent need for behavioural science to become an integrated part of the way we approach tailored healthcare communications in rare diseases.

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Rebuilding beliefs, redefining behaviours:
The key to unlocking powerful potential in rare diseases

Sophie Jones, Rebecca Taylor, Jennie McLean, Catrina Milgate, Will Hind Alpharmaxim Healthcare Communications, Altrincham, UK

A smarter approach in a challenging environment

  • New products launched for the treatment of rare diseases, particularly those that require a paradigm shift in current treatment practice, will encounter barriers due to habitual prescribing behaviours
  • Traditional medical marketing approaches might work for some big brands, but rare diseases need a smarter approach that can disrupt routine behaviours
  • Tailoring medical marketing campaigns to challenge specific stakeholder beliefs and behaviours is the smartest way to ensure the best treatment outcomes for patients with rare disease

Rare diseases need a tailored approach, with a core focus on behavioural change

Alpharmaxim’s unique Belief Continuum® approach enables you to drive change

  • Alpharmaxim is championing a fundamental shift in the way that medical marketing campaigns are developed, by designing bespoke narratives and measuring changes in beliefs and behaviours
  • Our Belief Continuum®️ approach balances science and strategy, transforming data into a compelling, evidence-led story that will underpin and validate all medical marketing efforts
  • Starting with a detailed understanding of the beliefs that underpin current behaviours, the Belief Continuum® provides a logical and robust path for stakeholders to progress from an underlying inhibitory belief toward one that allows them to embrace the real potential of a product
  • Beliefs are hard to change – they are ingrained, personal and often long-held. Creating lasting change means breaking down the beliefs and rebuilding them in small incremental nudges towards the desired belief
  • Communicating a consistent and compelling story – one rooted in evidence but structured to generate that shift in belief – is the key to driving sustained behavioural change

The Belief Continuum®: Believe in Special

  • Creates an engaging story flow, supported by high-impact, scientifically robust messages
  • Provides a clear framework for targeted tactical planning to drive change
  • Results in impactful and cost-effective engagement activities
  • Promotes credible and honest communication
  • Provides a clear framework to measure effect and demonstrate value

From current to desired beliefs and behaviours:

  • Define the shifts in belief that will drive a change in stakeholder behaviours.

  • Shape your strategy, communications and scientific messages to overcome barriers at each stage.

  • Identify valued engagement opportunities to build knowledge, advance beliefs, and drive and monitor change.

Ready to Believe?

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Presented at the World Orphan Drug Congress Europe,
15–18 November 2021, Barcelona, Spain.

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