#AlpharmaximSpotlightOn: Alzheimer’s disease (text-only version)

Elderly hand holding adult hand

This was the first instalment of our ‘Alpharmaxim Spotlight On’ series – our campaign to raise awareness about areas of unmet need in healthcare, from diseases to digital engagement. To kick off the project, we released this factsheet for World Alzheimer’s awareness day 2021 (21 September). Disease awareness is essential, especially in the field of neurodegeneration. With […]

Behaviour change: The key to unlocking potential in rare diseases (text-only version)

Rebuilding beliefs, redefining behaviours: a necessary shift for medical marketing. At the World Orphan Drug Congress 2021 (November 2021), we presented a poster to international healthcare professionals and patient advocates, driving conversations about the urgent need for behavioural science to become an integrated part of the way we approach tailored healthcare communications in rare diseases. […]