We are passionate about raising the profile of rare diseases

The feeling that the work we do, alongside our clients, really makes a difference in raising awareness, giving patients a voice and getting crucial scientific information out there into the therapeutic landscape is like no other in my experience. It’s a real privilege.

CatrinaDirector, Editorial & Scientific Services

Supporting pharmaceutical companies with their work in the forefront of rare diseases is a very rewarding and remarkable field to work in.

GeorgiaAccount Exec

I get out of bed each day knowing that what we are trying to do, in some small way, is to make a difference to patients lives in rare diseases.

WillAgency Principal

The impact of what we do has a real and tangible impact on patients and their families, and playing a small part in this makes me feel so very proud. Rare is many. Rare is strong. Rare is proud.

SophieDirector of Strategic Development

In these challenging times it’s even more important that we all support Rare Disease Day to help ensure that the needs of these patients aren’t forgotten.

AdrianAccount Director

Rare Disease Day is on Sunday. Click on this image to download rare disease materials from rarediseaseday.org to help you spread the word.

Our work empowers patients, increases awareness of patients who often feel invisible and ensures the latest treatment information is available to healthcare professionals. We work hard at work worth doing!

JennieEditorial Manager

Despite their name, rare diseases as a whole affect the lives of millions of people around the world. It is crucial to remember that for the patients who suffer from rare diseases, they are an everyday reality.

EdSenior Medical Writer

It’s so easy to think ‘I can’t make a difference’, but even the smallest contribution helps to shine a spotlight on these under-diagnosed and severely debilitating conditions.

BeccaDirector of Corporate Communications

Some conditions only affect a handful of people, but taken together, 300 million people have rare diseases. That’s a huge community!

MatthewEditorial Assistant

Hearing and seeing what patients living with a rare disease go through, and the additional hurdles they have to jump just to get the treatments and life they deserve is what motivates me to get up each day and give it my all. Rare is proud – and I’m proud to be playing my small part!

RebeccaAccount Director

Our Rare Disease Day communications

We create educational materials to raise awareness about specific rare diseases. Please get in touch if you need any support with rare disease communications or education.

PFIC Awareness Day

The rare disease treatment explosion

Please contact us if would like to use any of our resources to help you with your awareness efforts.