Healthcare marketing is not all equal. Speciality healthcare marketing does not deserve typical. Not habitual. Not regular. There should be no standard approach just because it’s ‘all healthcare’.

Marketing in the healthcare sector may be heavily regulated and require high compliance, but it is not all the same. Speciality healthcare marketing demands flexibility. It demands agile thinking – fresh perspectives.

You may have:
a brand in the rare disease space where the patient’s path to diagnosis and management is often fraught and long
a focus on non-standard approaches, such as vaccines in public health, where there is a need to convince the public of the merits of vaccination while supporting negotiations on tenders
a medical device or diagnostic that requires the right level of evidence-based support for its story
a need to refresh your corporate story to attract investors and partners, or to motivate your internal teams
a mature or challenger brand that needs to maximise its return.

It’s not possible to effectively support these different needs with the same approach.  They all require dynamic, solution-focused mindsets with great stories to help your brands reach the right patients.

This is where Alpharmaxim excels: with the atypical, the unusual, the Special.

As experts in speciality healthcare, we have the agility and focus to ensure that your stories get told well, and we can make a difference for all those who deserve a special approach. We understand that you need to see a change in behaviours. Behaviours can be difficult to overcome, and in speciality healthcare, they are often deeply ingrained by firm beliefs.

That is why we devised the Belief Continuum® – the process we follow to help our speciality healthcare clients build evidence-led stories that challenge beliefs and change behaviours. We build stories your customers can Believe.

This approach is fundamental to everything we do. Our Belief Continuum® shapes the way we think about each project we deliver, regardless of scale or scope. Whether it’s an advisory board, a sales brochure, a patient education piece, a website or an educational slide deck, we use this thinking to guide and inspire us.

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We Believe in Special – do you?