Developing the narrative

Developing the narrative

The Belief Continuum® – a compelling narrative

Alpharmaxim have developed the Belief Continuum® to help our clients define their communications objectives and develop a strong narrative to underpin their communications – a narrative that inspires audiences, changes beliefs and drives success.

The Belief Continuum® helps visualise a narrative and simplifies the development of appropriate messaging for different audiences.

  • The Belief Continuum® process helps you build a strong, evidence-led story
  • The Belief Continuum® enables you to shape your positioning and messaging
  • The Belief Continuum® is the narrative that is built on the solid foundation of your science

Peoples’ behaviours are driven by their beliefs. These beliefs may be deep‑seated and to encourage changes in behaviour, they must be challenged by robust messaging and convincing evidence.

At its heart, the Belief Continuum® looks for the shifts in beliefs necessary to drive changes in stakeholders’ behaviours.

Alpharmaxim use the Belief Continuum® process to help you

  • Build a strong, evidence-led, step-wise story to help change stakeholder behaviour
  • Shape your positioning and messaging at each step of the story
  • Overcome barriers to understanding and acceptance of a belief at each stage, using all available evidence
  • Produce convincing and robust supporting messages to engage all key audiences, at different stages of belief and understanding

With a strong and compelling narrative to work from, Alpharmaxim work with you to make sure your story is communicated effectively to your key target audiences, whether it be through high-quality materials or face-to-face meetings.