Our expertise


The talent to get your story right

With a diverse, experienced and multifaceted team, we are uniquely placed to help our clients develop and communicate narratives specific to their individual needs – narratives that will inspire audiences, change beliefs and drive success.

Strategic Consultants

Our senior strategy team are the driving force helping you to develop your story. Using the Belief Continuum®, they draw on experience and expertise to guide you towards a tailored narrative that will resonate with healthcare professionals, patients, and other external or internal stakeholders.

Medical Writers

With experience born from the highest levels of academic achievement, our team of Medical Writers use their in-depth scientific knowledge to develop compelling narratives.

Account Directors

Our Account Directors act as our ‘in-house client’, to provide strategic commercial direction and ensure on-target, on-brief and on-time delivery.


Our Copywriters are recruited from journalistic and publishing backgrounds, bringing a more commercial outlook to complement the science of a narrative.

Quality Editors

Our quality control team ensure editorial accuracy and excellence – the cornerstone of Alpharmaxim deliverables.

Graphic Designers

Our in-house design studio employs the latest technology and fresh thinking to create deliverables that are novel, on-brand and visually impactful – bringing strong narratives to life.

Project Managers

With a solutions-focused approach, a commitment to cost-effectiveness and a keen eye on timelines, our Project Managers take the strain away from you – effectively managing projects and budgets, allowing you to focus on realising your vision.

Corporate Communications Specialists

Alpharmaxim is one of the only medical communications agencies with a specialised team of Corporate Communications Specialists. Our editors and copyeditors deliver accuracy and the quick turnarounds needed in this fast-paced area.