The need

Ahead of an upcoming global launch, our client needed our help to ensure they had a compelling, evidence-led story for an established drug in a new diabetic indication.

New competitors were replacing our client’s product as first-line therapies, and they needed to improve their messaging to compete effectively in the market.

Our approach

We tackled the challenge in three ways, by:

  • conducting situation and information analyses (including a literature search, interviews with affiliates and competitor messaging)
  • devising a Belief Continuum® for the disease area and product, which we validated via a key opinion leader advisory board
  • developing a key message platform, using the Belief Continuum® to expand core messages into detailed supporting claims underpinned by scientific evidence.

The outcome

The hard work paid off! The global team were pleased with the logical and robust story-flow we crafted to help shape and align their local activities.

Medical teams and Medical Science Liaisons felt supported by the level of scientific detail and easy access to full reference information. They were ready to engage healthcare professionals in compelling, science-led discussions.

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