Our people: our driving force

Behind every creative idea and compelling campaign, there’s a team of people who are passionate about what they do – passionate about making a meaningful difference in the lives of patients, and about creating communications to be proud of.

We believe we’re stronger together, and that’s why over the years we’ve built a team that brings diverse capabilities, varied experiences and unique perspectives to the table… and we want to use these qualities to make a difference for you.

Team members laughing amongst each other
Get to know some of the Alpharmaxim team

I relish the chance to help clients define their stories, refine their strategies and facilitate their discussions.

Will Hind

Agency Principal

I will ensure that the right team is in place to meet your needs and ensure success!

Nancy Merrick

Operations Director

I will help you identify your challenges, focus your strategy and define your story.

Sophie Jones

Director of Strategic Development

My role is to act as the in-house client and to help ensure that your brand vision, project objectives and key messages are reflected across all the work we deliver.

Adrian Doe

Senior Account Director

I ensure that our clients are satisfied through effective project management and communication, guaranteeing their needs and expectations are met or exceeded.

Robyn Trudgill

Account Manager

I will ensure that our clients’ desired project outcomes are always met in a timely, professional manner.

Libby Acton

Account Executive

I will ensure that you have the right mix of counsel, skills and experience to help you achieve your corporate communications objectives and keep your audiences engaged.

Becca Taylor

Director of Corporate Communications

I enjoy working closely with clients to maintain an in-depth understanding of their corporate communications objectives, opportunities and challenges – establishing our team as the go-to strategic partner.

Jenny Hamilton

Account Director

I am passionate about being the agency contact for clients and ensuring that their vision is transformed into meaningful communications.

Luke Dixon

Account Manager

I am passionate about using my scientific expertise and experience to ensure your needs are being met and that our team always delivers the highest quality communications.

Varinia Munoz

Scientific Director

I’m all about delivering creative content that meets the brief, engages audiences and gets results.

Dan Parkinson

Principal Copywriter

I pride myself on producing high-quality deliverables across a variety of projects, tailored to the needs of our individual clients.

Aimee Sherlock

Medical Writer

My role is to shape and craft meaningful communications that inspire your intended outcomes, both with internal and external audiences.

Nick Witts

Copywriter and Editor

My role is to act as quality control for all deliverables, ensuring the highest quality and standards in everything we produce.

Sally Port

Lead Editor

I lead the studio team to ensure projects are creative, run smoothly and exceed client expectations.

Ben Stephens

Creative Director

Our vacancies

We’re always looking to grow our team and welcome talented, passionate and creative people to our Alpharmaxim family.

World Parkinson's Day 2023

World Parkinson's Day 2023

For World Parkinson’s Day 2023, Alpharmaxim created an animation to highlight some of the Parkinson's symptoms to look out for – in yourself and others.
We need to talk about vaccine hesitancy

We need to talk about vaccine hesitancy

Why do some individuals opt out of vaccination or prevent their children from being vaccinated? Are all forms of hesitancy or rejection illogical?
Let's talk about vaccine hesitancy

Let's talk about vaccine hesitancy

Vaccination can be a complex, personal matter, and there are a number of reasons why individuals may be hesitant.