Improving patient quality of life by identifying beliefs and changing perceptions of treatments

Gattex Villi up close

The need A new treatment for patients with short bowel syndrome was shown to be more effective than an existing treatment, but there was an urgent need to educate healthcare professionals (HCPs) and patients in order to overcome two barriers preventing them from switching: patient view was to accept the new ‘normal’: a severely reduced quality of life (QoL) although […]

Shifting healthcare professionals’ beliefs to drive more effective treatment for prolonged seizures

The need Our client needed to generate an increase in adherence to treatment for children with prolonged seizures. The challenges of the existing intrarectal treatment included: difficulty with administration the lack of community acceptance of intrarectal treatment as being appropriate lack of compliance due to lack of comfort in administering intrarectally low belief from healthcare professionals (HCPs) that […]

Developing product positioning and messages

The need Ahead of an upcoming global launch, our client needed our help to ensure they had a compelling, evidence-led story for an established drug in a new diabetic indication. New competitors were replacing our client’s product as first-line therapies, and they needed to improve their messaging to compete effectively in the market. Our approach We tackled the challenge in three ways, […]

Reinvigorating a mature brand through effective differentiation

Alpharmaxim synapse diagram

The need Our client was launching a new formulation for their mature pain brand in a highly competitive market environment. They sought our expertise to enable markets to deliver effective and targeted messaging, and reinvigorate the brand. Our approach First, we needed to identify the behavioural (and belief) changes required to alter perceptions around the new formulation, so we utilised our Belief […]